About Me

I have been riding for over twenty years. I have had the privilege of riding many different disciplines as well as many different breeds of horses, ages, experience levels, and backgrounds. I took about ten years of Hunter/Jumper lessons and then began specializing in Western riding. I have also ridden some beginner Dressage. I have attended two different horse training and riding schools, learning both natural horsemanship and the classical horsemanship methods, as well as horse health and nutrition. I have also worked with many horses that have come from traumatic situations that needed to be rehabilitated. I use a combination of methods as well as my own past experiences to create the best possible outcome for both you and your horse.


I tailor my lessons and training to the needs of both the rider and the horse. I enjoy helping people regain their confidence after bad equine experiences. Riding is supposed to be fun! If you don't feel happy when you get on your horse, something isn't right, and it should be addressed. I specialize in working with problem horses as well as confidence-building for both horse and rider and working with riders that are easily frustrated.


I am an enthusiastic trainer; helping people and their horses is my passion!