Private Lessons


Currently, I am available for away lessons only. Although I prefer to teach private lessons, I am available to teach group lessons if so desired. I believe that regardless of a rider's goals, one-on-one time with the trainer is crucial. My students are in the saddle for one hour, but they also learn all of the other aspects of horsemanship.

Away Lessons
If you own your own horse and wish to have lessons on your property, I am more than willing to travel around Southeastern Michigan to help you achieve your goals. Many people with private farms enjoy this option so they do not have to trailer their horses to and from arenas.
For away lessons, I still focus on all parts of horsemanship. There is a $0.25/mile fee for traveling to away lessons.
Please take the time to fill out the form as it enables me to get a better idea of what you would like to accomplish and where we would need to start!