Best Horse Apps for iOS

There are a pretty good amount of horse apps on the Apple App Store, most of them being games, but there are some utilitarian apps out there as well. They vary in price, whether it be the upfront cost, a subscription fee, or a free app, and they certainly vary in quality, but there are options on the app store for pretty much everything. I didn't try the more sophisticated equine software programs that come with mobile apps but there are a few that I'm looking into for a similar post. I’ve done a lot of searching and tested out a good number of the available, more simple apps, so here are a few of my favorites and why I chose them:

1. Horse BCS (Body Condition Scoring)

-This app is incredibly simple to use. Select the section of the horse’s body that you’re scoring on the right and enter the score for the horse you’re looking at with the numbers at the bottom.

-Offers detailed information for each section of the horse's body and what exactly you should be looking for.

-It’s a great tool for any owner, barn manager, or trainer to keep track of how their horses are looking, especially horses whose conditions are recovering.

2. Ride With Me

-A riding safety app.

-Simply hit activate to start your ride.

-This app will alert your chosen emergency contacts if it doesn’t detect movement for a certain amount of time (you can choose the amount of time by going to your settings).

-You can send emergency messages during your ride.

3. Equilab

-Has both free and premium features.

-This app can track training rides, trail rides, connect with friends, and you can schedule rides on the in-app calendar.

-Use the "Trends" feature to compare training rides and calculate your horse's daily nutritional requirements.

4. SmartBlanket

-This app gives blanket suggestions based on weather conditions.

-Gives a detailed look at weather in your area for during the day and night.

-Gives very specific blanket recommendations: sheet, turnout sheet, midweight, etc.

5. SmartPak

-Who doesn’t love shopping for their horse?

-They have an incredibly wide variety of products for both English and Western riders, as well as an extensive horse care and supply selection.

-They have their own supplements that come in the incredibly convenient SmartPak system, where each serving of supplements is individually packaged. SmartPak also has Supplement Wizard to help you tailor the supplements you buy to your horse’s specific needs.

6. My Purina Horse Barn

-This app helps you keep close track of both personal horses and client horses, no matter what kind of equine professional you are.

-You can separate the horses by their barn so that they’re organized and easily accessible.

-You have the ability to create detailed records (veterinary, farrier, worming, etc.) of each horse that you work with (or own).

-There is a calendar of Purina events as well as a calendar for those events that you have registered for.

-There are ways to earn points for the "Dream Giveaway" sweepstakes.

-Use their Resource Barn for feed recommendations, shopping, videos and articles, and their ask an expert feature!

Obviously I wasn’t able to try every single horse app out there, but these are the ones that made both an impression on me and on others in the horse community. The apps above have been the ones that have proven the most useful to me for not only day-to-day operations but for long-term goals as well. Hopefully, they’ll prove useful to you, too!

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