Choosing a Saddle

You are now ready to buy your own tack! You already know exactly what you want to do with your horse in your chosen discipline, now all you need is the proper equipment.

Whether you're riding English or Western, there are many different types of saddles to choose from. For English saddles, there is all-around, eventing, dressage, jumping-it all depends on what you are planning for you and your horse. The most important part of buying a saddle is making sure that it fits the horse, the seat size comes after that.

The same goes for Western saddles-it all depends on what you are going to do with your horse. There is roping, barrel racing, all-purpose, trail saddles-again, it just depends on what activity you want to do with your horse.

A good way to find an affordable saddle is to buy a used one. Used saddles can come fairly cheap depending on the brand and style, and you can either find them in a tack store, from someone online through Craigslist, or from friends or family. Check with local tack stores to see if they sell saddles on consignment.

If you do plan on buying a saddle from someone online, make sure you see the saddle in person before you make any promises or give them any money. Make sure the saddle is perfect for you!

Hopefully this information is helpful on your quest to find the perfect saddle for you! Good luck!

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