Cribbing/Wind Sucking

I thought I'd address one stable vice that many horse owners today tend to have problems with. Cribbing is basically where the horse actually holds an object with its teeth and inhales air. This vice is also known as wind-sucking.

The reason that many horse owners have trouble with cribbing is because it is an extremely contagious vice, so when one horse in your herd or barn starts cribbing, many will follow. It is addictive to the point where a horse may end up preferring to crib instead of eating.

Horses enjoy cribbing because it releases endorphins into the brain which give them a sort of natural high. Cribbing poses some health issues to your horse, such as colic or loss of physical condition. It can also severely wear down their incisor teeth. Keep in mind that this vice is not curable, but there are certain treatments that can vary in success. There are some cribbing collars out there that help sometimes, but it is best to talk to your vet about the best way to treat your horse.

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