Daily Routines for Your Horse

If you have had horses before or have spent a lot of time around them, then you'll know that horses are creatures of habit. They feel comforted by having a schedule and it helps them to adapt to a new environment. If you do not know horses very well, then having a daily routine for your horse is something that is very important to remember.

Try to remember that horses do not react well to stress-in stressful situations they can get sick or stop eating-try to notice when your horse is acting abnormal. You also have to remember that if you are transitioning a horse to a new environment-whether it's to a new barn, new herd, or even new feed-you have to make these changes as gradually as possible. Take as much stress out of the situation as possible to make it easier on your horse.

Having a daily routine for your horse is not only healthy, but it will keep you motivated to do everything you need to do to keep your horse healthy and happy. Try to keep certain times for feeding, grooming, training, and riding.

One of the most important things to include in your horse's daily routine is time for them to just be a horse. Turn them out in a pasture with their friends or by themselves, or turn them out in an arena and just let them play. Your horse is still a horse no matter what you use it for, and you need to remember that they need time to be what they really are! Horses love to play, and they need that time to maintain their happiness. You want your time to de-stress, and so do they.

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