Equine Chiropractors

I‘m not a huge fan of getting chiropractic work done on myself (bad experience!), but I love getting the chiropractor out for my horse.

Moose injured his right hip a few years ago and it was difficult to diagnose the problem because he’s very stoic about being in pain. He had a slight lameness in his back right leg, but only at the trot, and he didn’t want to keep his foot up while I was picking it. I ended up contacting a chiropractor to come out and see if it would help. After about fifteen minutes, Moose was a totally new horse. Not only did he love the undivided attention of the chiropractor, his lameness started to go away. He usually gets a few sessions in a row (once a month) yearly to maintain that hip and keep him comfortable, although with the Cushings that has been put on hold for now.

I’m not saying that an equine chiropractor is the end-all, be-all treatment for lameness, but it certainly has made a difference for many horses that I’ve seen. Usually the chiropractic work has to be regularly maintained or the horse may fall back into the lameness. I’ve really enjoyed all of the equine chiropractors that I’ve worked with, not only because of their skill but because of the care and dedication that they put into their work. It’s not easy to deal with horses in pain!

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