Horse Colors for Beginners

For those of you who read this blog that don't know horses very well or at all and are wanting to learn, I decided to do a post about horse coloring because it's something that every aspiring horse person should know.

To start off, there are three basic horse colors: black, bay, and chestnut (also known as sorrel). Any other colors are just modifications of the basic colors. Some modifications are grey, palomino, buckskin, dun, perlino, cremello, roan (blue, red, or bay), tobiano, overo, tovero, leopard, snowflake, and other patterns.

Horses do not have to be solidly colored or stick to specific color patterns, they can have individual markings that are on the face, legs, or body. Any markings that are on the face or legs are usually white, but they can be darker than the base color of the horse.

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