Product Review: SleekEz

You know those little things at the barn that you just can’t live without? For me and my horse, the SleekEz is one of them. Moose is a Quarter Horse/Percheron mix, which means that he gets a really thick hair coat every winter, so in the early spring I get to be constantly covered in his hair. Ever since I got the SleekEz a few months ago, it’s taken a lot less time to make the magic of a spring coat happen.

Moose was recently diagnosed with Cushings disease and this means that he can’t shed out his winter coat nearly as quickly or as easily as other horses, so the SleekEz has been a blessing for me over the past couple of weeks. It’s been getting steadily warmer here in Michigan, and I was able to help my Cushings baby shed out much faster than he would be able to on his own. In combination with the medication, he’s almost completely shed out now. It’s also really handy for getting the mud off of him!

On top of that, I hurt my right shoulder about a month ago (my dominant side, of course), and the SleekEz is incredibly easy to use with my left arm on both sides of my horse. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure to get that hair to start coming off. This is a great purchase for anyone with a Cushings horse, a horse with a thick hair coat, or a horse that likes to roll. It’s really an all-around good tool to have at the barn.

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